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Implementing Lync at Quaero - The Business Model Makes the Difference

by Alan D. Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

Standard-Quaero-logo.jpgEarlier this year I had the opportunity to talk with Matt Jones, Manager of Infrastructure Services at Quaero, a data management and analytics company with offices in Charlotte and Boston, and a third office Bangalore, India.

During our discussion, Matt explained “…that Quaero had gone through a couple different ownership changes, and as a result, were looking for an affordable way to move from Cisco to Lync 2013”.  As part of the project, Quaero executives expected to use Lync to tie together their Charlotte and Boston offices, using a paired pool architecture for improved resilience.  Not an every-day Lync implementation.

Beyond the technical challenges in moving to Lync, a significant hurdle was coming up with a plan to pay for it.   As a small growing company with limited resources, a “pay-as-you-grow” OPEX model was needed, bundling the costs of equipment, licenses and services into a monthly per-seat expense.  “An OPEX model is what made the whole project possible”, noted Matt.

To achieve their goals, Matt and the team at Quaero turned to Enabling Technologies to implement a pair of AudioCodes One Box 365 Lync appliance solutions – one in their Charlotte office, the other in the Boston office. Using a leasing plan from Jabra Vendor Services and coordinated by Enabling, the entire project was bundled into a monthly payment structure, meeting the needs set by Quaero.

Now completed and fully functional, Matt shared some feedback from his executives on the project:  “We should have done this six months ago”

You can read the whole story at The Quaero Case Study

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