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30 Days After One Box 365

KevinYorio.jpgby Keven Yorio, CCG Telecom Principle

CCG Telecom has had the opportunity to deploy the newest “Home Run” communications solution from AudioCodes; One Box 365. AudioCodes One Box 365 is a complete Lync Enterprise Voice solution for Office 365 customers with E4 licenses. The features, cost savings and ease of transition have all One Box 365 Logocontributed to a significant enhancement to our business communication. Users have been very pleased with its ease of use and CCG has never doubted the decision to go with One Box 365.

The hardware is fantastic. The clarity of service for VOIP is incredible. We haven’t experienced any issues. We're impressed all around! From the simple task of taking it out of the box, to the complexity of taking it apart and putting it back together. We knew it was the right choice when we installed it.

We are now 30 days into the One Box 365 being business critical to the network and have verified all the hype surrounding the product... keep up the great work AudioCodes!

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