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The art of Consultative Selling Lync

Quentin KramerA discussion with Quentin Kramer

By Alan D. Percy, Senior Director of Marketing at AudioCodes

This last week while participating in the Strategic Products and Services (SPS) Sales Summit in Houston, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Quentin Kramer, Director of UC Consulting and Architecture, one of the UC industry technical experts.  Having spent a number of years as a UC consultant, Quentin has been engaged on some of the early OCS and Lync deployments.  Quentin joined SPS in June of 2013.  SPS is a multi-vendor System Integrator for Unified Communication (UC) and collaboration solutions, known for designing, managing and supporting interconnected communication systems that enable their customers to become more effective and competitive in their markets.  Based in Parsippany, NJ, the company has 24 offices across the US.

AP: After spending time in the industry, what makes SPS’s approach to UC different?

QK: One key differentiator for SPS is how we put our client’s communications requirements first, examining their business needs, processes and workflow to determine the right solution for their specific challenges.  Only after we understand their use cases, do we engage the right product sets from our vendor partners to craft a solution that will best fit the client’s needs.  From there we design a solution proposal, services and support package to help the client migrate to, and manage their new communications solution.

SPS_logo_wTagline_NEW_stack_sm_3c (2).jpgAP: Most would recognize SPS a leading Avaya reseller – how do you see Microsoft Lync fitting into the SPS business?

QK:  As mentioned earlier, our consultative relationship with our clients is the foundation of the UC transformation process.   After evaluating the needs of a client, we can offer anyone of a number of solutions, which might include Lync and in the future Skype for Business. Lync can be deployed alongside a client’s current Avaya communications system, or used as a springboard to something completely new.   The client’s needs and timeline really dictate the path forward.

AP: What are some of the challenges you see in broader UC adoption?

QK: One of biggest challenges we see is our client’s data networks - many were never designed to handle voice, video and collaboration traffic.    This is especially true with wireless infrastructure – we often propose wholesale replacement of older pre-UC wireless system.  

AP: Assuming a network assessment is pretty high on the priority list when you engage a client?

QK: Absolutely, a network assessment is one of the first steps to migrating to any UC platform, especially Lync.  An assessment allows us to identify problems at a client before they start having issues that might result in poor user experiences.  Poor voice quality almost always gets blamed on the application, not the real cause (the network).   With a network assessment we find old routers, switches that are miss-configured, WAN bottlenecks, you name it….

AP: One of the new solutions here at the event is AudioCodes new One Box 365.  What are your expectations for adoption in your client base?

QK: We’re really excited to add One Box 365 to our offerings and see it as an opportunity to bring Lync to a whole new class of client that is migrating to Office 365 and wants to fully realize the capabilities of Lync Voice.  The recent announced Pro and Enterprise editions of One Box 365 really broaden the scale of client that we can serve with a complete Lync appliance.

AP: What are your expectations of the upcoming roll-out of Skype for Business?

QK: Skype for Business opens up a whole new channel of communications for our customers.  Especially for those in the business-to-consumer marketplace, allowing customers to interact with them using voice and video from the Skype client so many have positions Microsoft to disrupt customer contact as we know it.  Applications are already popping up around remote delivery of medical services and that’s just the beginning.  It seems like every customer wants to talk about the potential and the ideas are far beyond what we’ve thought about when it comes to PBXes in the past.  It’s a very exciting time.

As Quentin notes, the near future does include some exciting new developments, bringing the benefits of Unified Communications to businesses, improving efficiency and reducing costs.  Stay tuned as we envision great things coming from Quentin and our partnership with SPS.

Continue the conversation with your comments or suggestions - Alan can be reached at or on Twitter @AlanDPercy

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