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Managed IP Phones - Bringing Order to the Desktop

by Alan D. Percy

Moving to a SIP-based IP-PBX, Contact Center or Unified Communications system often involves retiring an old and expensive PBX, replacing the desktop legacy phones with new IP Phones.   Deploying new IP Phones often results in chaos at the desktop - an opportunity for partners.

AudioCodes 440HD IP PhoneLet’s face it, provisioning and installing hundreds of IP Phones can be a tedious process – most IP-based systems offer some form of automatic provisioning system, loading the correct firmware and configuration data into each device as it is installed and activated.   “Self-provisioning”, where the end-user is handed a device and asked to do the physical installation and some minimal activation procedure, is a great way to reduce the labor involved with large deployments.  However, self-provisioning can often result in cries for “help” to the helpdesk as end users foul up what seems to be a simple process. 

After a business-wide installation is complete, then the challenge of monitoring the operational status of all the devices in an organization becomes a challenge.  Are all the devices operating correctly and providing good voice quality?  Do all the devices have the correct version of firmware and configuration?  How are individual devices personalized with speed-dial buttons and labeling?

“Plug and Play” is the goal, but often chaos is the result.

This is an opportunity for partners:  offering a solution to managing the deployment and ongoing operation fleet of IP Phone devices, offering tools to monitor, support and manage devices – either as a one-time sale or part of a service contract. But how?

AudioCodes Operation Center LogoRecognizing these challenges and opportunities, AudioCodes has expanded the One Voice Operations Center EMS software suite to include a full management suite for AudioCodes 400-series IP Phone devices.   Supporting device monitoring, automatic provisioning, managed software upgrades and individual device personalization, version 7.0 of Operations Center greatly improves the ability to manage a fleet of IP Phones.  Whether offered as a service by a partner, or a product for use by an enterprise NOC, AudioCodes One Voice Operations center is an opportunity to improve end-customer satisfaction and manage operational costs.

For a limited time AudioCodes is offering their One Voice for Lync partners a promotion that includes a no-cost EMS virtual software bundle and licensing for up to 500 IP Phones when 100 or more IP Phones are purchased.  Check out the promotion details for limitations and ordering information. 

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