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March 2014

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3 Steps to Understanding the Cost Saving Benefits of Microsoft Lync

March 18, 2014

Guest blog by Curtis Johnstone, Unified Communication (UC) product architect with Dell Software and a Microsoft Lync MVP

As organizations realize the promised benefits of better collaboration and more efficient communications from their Unified Communication (UC) solution, the cost saving benefits are drawing more attention. UC solutions such as Microsoft Lync are being deployed to reduce travel costs, reduce existing telephony and web conferencing costs, and even reduce physical office space costs as remote workers are first class citizens and capable of effectively working from anywhere.

A recent survey commissioned by Dimensional Research on Lync Adoption and Challenges confirms that for organizations that have adopted Microsoft Lync:
• 80% hoped to save on their travel budgets
• 76% hoped to reduce costs of other web and teleconferencing tools
• 66% hoped to reduce meeting room space costs
• 55% hoped to reduce spending on traditional telephony costs (e.g. desk phones)
• 36% hoped to reduce email expenses

Despite these intentions the survey also revealed that over half of organizations did not know they were successful in achieving any of these desired outcomes!

Getting insight into how much cost savings a UC solution brings to the table is difficult. The dimensional research survey confirmed that close to 70% of companies that have adopted Lync cannot easily report on savings.

The primary challenge in determining UC cost savings are establishing comparable cost metrics for existing non-UC costs such as telephony, travel, and meeting rooms.