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Making Money with Lync - Part 2

Kevin KiellerA guest blog by Kevin Kieller (a member of the UCStrategies team)

In part one of this article, I discussed three ways you can make money selling Microsoft Lync solutions:

1. Hardware sales

2. Design consulting

3. Implementation professional services

In this second part I will discuss three additional areas where you can make money with Lync:

4. Managed services

5. Hosted services

6. Complementary products and services

I first covered this information during the UC Summit 2013 presentation Jon Arnold and I delivered.

Managed Services

Once a Lync solution has been designed and effectively implemented someone needs to maintain it.

The on-going management of a Lync environment is an area where Cisco rightly points out that Microsoft and Microsoft partners still need to do more work. That being said, this also means that this is an area of great opportunity for partners willing to commit to and “step up” to providing a Lync managed service.

Microsoft has introduced the concept of Lync Certified Support Partners and there are currently over 100 partners listed across different geographies including global support partners such as Avanade, HP (a UC Summit sponsor), Unify Square and Modality.

Lync support partners should be able to support a complete Lync solution including software, server hardware, network, and telecom aspects. In my experience, some partners choose to include “value added” services such as monitoring and end-user support as part of their offerings.

Lync managed services provide an attractive opportunity for an on-going revenue stream provided you are able to attract and maintain satisfied customers.

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