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Making Money with Lync - Part 1

Kevin KiellerA guest blog by Kevin Kieller (a member of the UCStrategies team)

I had the pleasure of leading the first session at the UC Summit 2013 along with my UCStrategies colleague Jon Arnold: The Elephant in the Room: Lync. In this session, Jon set the stage by providing a high-level overview of the different “flavors” of Lync and he then highlighted several areas you need to consider when you are thinking about Lync. I then detailed how you as a consultant, value-added reseller, or systems integrator can make money either selling Lync or selling against Lync; we wanted to provide balance.

As it turned out, through a show of hands, at least 80 percent of the audience was interested in considering selling Lync. Only one audience member indicated that he had already decided not to sell Lync. While the session is now two months ago, I still get asked the question, “can you make money selling Lync?” As such, in this article, I am going to expand on the topic of how to make money with Lync.

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