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Call Recording for Lync with SmartTAP - A Deeper Look

John WeberA guest blog by John Weber (TsooRaD)

Lync 2013 has the ability to record IM’s, meetings, and conferences. IM gets recorded either by the archive server or by the user in their conversation history.  Meetings and Conferences require the user to initiate and then manage the subsequent recording. But it requires that the user to start the the call, then start recording, then after the call - manage the recording, and in the end, remember to do all that each and every time this action is required.  

What if you have a compliance issue imposed by regulation or law, or a business requirement that dictates recording all voice conversations?  Are you going to leave that to the users?  Do you need to be able to do admin-level automatic recording  of just SOME users?  Or maybe just the users in Sales or maybe Production? There are a few solutions that meet these requirements and have enough granularity to give the system administrators the tools to accomplish the job with a minimal footprint. 

This article will look at one of those solutions:  AudioCodes SmartTAP.  You can read the AudioCodes marketspeak here.  Here is a cut from that page, where the high level overview is given:

AudioCodes SmartTAP for Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) is a certified and secure call recording solution that enables the recording of key business interactions within a Microsoft Lync environment. Built on proven technology and leveraging years of experience in developing and integrating call recording solutions, SmartTAP is compatible with VoIP, TDM, and hybrid telephony environments. The solution can be easily configured using an intuitive web-based interface, which simplifies system deployments and reduces support requirements.

AudioCodes would also like you to know about the “benefits:”

  • Certified solution for Microsoft Lync 2013 & 2010
  • Support for dynamic codec switching including Microsoft RTA
  • Record ANY call type including Mobile, Remote, PSTN & Conference
  • Remote branch survivability with buffering technology
  • A simple, easy-to-use centralized management web based interface
  • Granular security profiles with LDAP integration
  • Audit Trail monitoring
  • Multiple call search criteria with customizable filtering
  • Quality management with customizable and user definable evaluation forms and reports
  • Live call monitoring
  • Securely Encrypt media
  • Record other environments in parallel (Cisco, Avaya, Analog, etc…)

And finally, you can read some more market-speak here where AudioCodes has written a short article on SmartTAP.

Let’s take a look at this SmartTAP solution from the following viewpoints: Preparation, installation, configuration, and the end-all-be-all “ease of use.”

Read the entire article ....>

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