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June 2013

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Is a WebRTC Lync Client in your Future?

June 29, 2013

Don’t put a WebRTC client for Lync on your Christmas List for 2013

By Alan Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

I just wrapped up a three-day visit to WebRTC Conference and Expo held at Atlanta’s Cobb Galleria and organized by the effervescent  WebRTC promoter, Phil Edholm and his partner Chris Vitek with the TMC team providing event operations and logistics support.  A great technology event of learning and sharing by some of the early technology experts, adopters and vendors – The event included almost eight hours of demonstrations over two days – some were outstanding peeks at what is possible, while others were painful to watch as Murphy’s first law of demos invaded the stage and squirming presenters talked around technical SNAFUs.

The simplest way to explain WebRTC is that it’s a web technology that would extend the native capabilities of web-browsers to allow them to offer voice, video and data sharing without separate client or plug-in software.  

Network Readiness and Preparing to Fail

June 21, 2013

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

By Alan Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

Old Ben Franklin may not have known anything about real-time Gigi-bit Wide Area Networks, but he did know a thing or two about planning.  If the last ten years have taught us anything, it’s that a successful voice-enabled network is the result of careful planning and testing.

The problem is that networks are not static infrastructure – they grow, are expanded, have new applications added, equipment gets upgraded – sometimes by a plan and other times ad-hoc. 

Recording for Compliance with Lync

June 15, 2013

Responding to recording requirements in Lync Voice RPFs

By Alan Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

How many times have you heard: “This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes”  I’ve always wondered – who’s quality is being assured?  Mine? Theirs?

SIP Trunking and Demarcation

June 8, 2013

“Only recently has the role of voice quality monitor and demarcation been fully recognized”

By Alan Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

SIP Trunking is widely recognized as an alternative to legacy PRI circuits, delivering voice services to businesses over IP at reduced costs with greater flexibility.  Partners are also seeing opportunities to resell SIP Trunking to their business customers, creating a revenue stream and earning residual commissions.

However, delivering and maintaining voice quality that matches the expectations of businesses migrating from PRI circuits is critical to success.