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Download AudioCodes Application Note: The Compelling Advantages of AudioCodes' 400 IP Phones Series

September 18, 2016

If your organization is considering IP desk phones as part of your UC strategy, AudioCodes' IP Phones need to be part of the conversation. They are designed in a powerful, yet simple way, with a user-friendly interface, better user experience and intuitive ergonomic design, manifesting itself with large buttons, a large screen, dedicated buttons for functionality and simple and intuitive operation. The result is a familiar ‘key system’ feel for rapid adoption while offering advanced UC functionality. Learn more in this Application Note.

How Can Your IP Phone Choice Reduce Infrastructure & Bandwidth Cost

September 18, 2016

By Yaniv Kitlaru, AudioCodes

Last month we had a roadshow in South Africa. My vegetarian friends will have to forgive me… but what a wonderful place! Over dinner while enjoying a really good rump steak and a glass of Pinotage, we met with an IT manager from a large enterprise that was interested in our IP Phone solution.

During the meeting, the IT manager explained his challenges and concerns.

His company recently selected an IP phone vendor for Skype for Business.

Done with WPC and Getting Ready for Ignite 2016

September 18, 2016

By Nimrode Borovsky, AudioCodes

Getting ready for Ignite at Atlanta soon, and I can tell you, we have some more innovation up our sleeve.  Stay tuned, we will be announcing some cool stuff before Ignite.

Once again, this year I had the privilege of attending Microsoft’s World Partner Conference in Toronto, Canada. Microsoft’s premier partner event generates much anticipation among its channel and technology partners who come in their droves to learn about the latest developments in Microsoft’s technology and products, as well as to network with existing and potential business partners.

The Nightmare of Managing Heterogeneous VoIP Networks in Medium to Large Enterprises

September 18, 2016

By Yossi Zadah, AudioCodes

Managing heterogeneous VoIP networks in medium to large enterprises can be a nightmare. Due to the large number of vendors participating in providing the solution, there can be problems at every stage of the implementation and maintenance issues can arise in a variety of aspects including:

  • Network design and configuration
  • Device discovery
  • Distributed routing & policy enforcement
  • Distributed PSTN breakouts
  • Multiple VoIP network elements configuration: SBC and MGW
  • Multiple dial plans: SfB, IP-PBX, SBC and MGW
  • SIP interworking between IP-PBXs A large number of end user policies

Distributed networks present numerous challenges and when it comes to heterogeneous networks where the devices and applications are provided by different vendors, the situation is even worse. Unified Communication systems (e.g. Skype for Business) and the various components in the network such as IP-PBX, SBC and MGW, each have their own static routing, manipulation and dial plan tables.

Amazing Savings with a Managed IP Phone System

September 18, 2016

In a recent No Jitter blog entitled Managing IP Phones Goes Way Beyond Provisioning, I pointed out how much more powerful a managed IP Phone system is than simple provisioning and that this power and flexibility can bring considerable cost savings to an IT department. This wasn’t just marketing talk. In this blog, I want to tangibly demonstrate how this savings is achieved and what kind of numbers we are talking about.

To do this, I want to take a real-world example of a large enterprise that has deployed 20,000 IP phones amongst its employees.

Is VoIP Jitter, Delay and Packet Loss the Best Measure of Voice Quality?

June 22, 2016

By Yossi Zadah, VP One Voice Operation Center Business Line, AudioCodes

"One of the values that I think men in particular have to pass on is the value of empathy. Not sympathy, empathy. And what that means is standing in somebody else’s shoes, being able to look through their eyes.” Barack Obama

Empathy – being able to feel sorry for someone else’s troubles – is a basic ingredient for good mental health. However, sometimes, when irony is involved, empathy might turn to ambivalence. 

How IT Managers Can Better Manage Skype for Business IP Phones

June 14, 2016

By Yaniv Kitlaru, AudioCodes

It was a freezing, snowy night, just a few days before Christmas.

I was on one of my road trips in Germany looking at the biggest Christmas tree in the world, while trying to warm my soul with a good, local Gluh Wein. Then my mobile phone disturbed the tranquility of the moment. One of my IT manager customers was calling. I had to answer.

Migrating to Skype for Business Cloud PBX: Play by Play Analysis

June 1, 2016

A Microsoft, Ovum and AudioCodes Joint Webinar 
June 14, 2016    11:00 AM EDT

Register Here

Join our host, Eric Bauer, for an exciting play by play analysis of Migrating to Skype for Business Cloud PBX. As we walk through the plays necessary to secure the win, you will better understand what needs to be considered within your organization as you start down the path to Cloud PBX.

Key Topics for Discussion:

  • The Pre-game Analysis: Skype for Business Cloud PBX industry adoption trends
  • The Sustained Drive: Living with BYOSIP, interoperability, migration and co-existence issues
  • The Audible – Adapting to Requirements: The case for a hybrid deployment and maintaining local PSTN connectivity
  • The End Around: Getting past resistance when introducing a new UC experience
  • The Two Minute Drill: Getting the deployment right calmly and quickly while under pressure
  • The Post Game Analysis: Final thoughts
Register Here

Guest Commentators: 

Jamie Stark

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

The Great Market Reaction to Microsoft's Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition: Why I shouldn't have been Surprised

May 26, 2016

By Barry Spielman, Director of Marketing Operations, AudioCodes

Among the responsibilities I have in my marketing position at AudioCodes, I manage campaigns. So when I was asked to run a campaign for AudioCodes’ new appliance for Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition, I treated it like I do any of the other campaign topics. Little did I know how hot the subject would become.

Rarely have I seen such a strong response to a marketing campaign.

Migrating to Skype for Business Cloud PBX the Smart Way

April 15, 2016

Moving towards Cloud PBX

The rapid rise of Microsoft’s Skype for Business is a strong incentive for enterprises to consider deploying the popular Unified Communications suite. The Company’s most recent announcements regarding their on-line version and the replacement of on-premises based PBX with Cloud PBX are also compelling in a period in which the trend to the Cloud is almost universal. However, despite the technical and business advantages of Skype for Business UC, there are many reasons why organizations might want to hold on to a legacy voice system on a temporary or permanent basis. Reasons vary and can range from the need to maintain specialized functionality such as contact centers or alarm systems to investment protection for legacy equipment, to the current functionality gap between the on-premises and cloud-based offerings and even objective availability and regulatory requirements which may mean that Skype for Business Online may not be available at various locations around the world for the foreseeable future.

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