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Are IP Phones Doomed?

July 31, 2014

The trusty old telephone on your desk is getting a lot of attention lately. The various blog and on-line magazines have seen plenty of discussion and debate on the future of IP Phones.  Some have declared them “doomed to the evolutionary dustbin” – an easy declaration to make, but highly unlikely.  Heck, there are still fax machines in many offices!

High Availability - Redundancy for All

July 7, 2014

by Barry Spielman, Marketing Manager, AudioCodes

In a recent post on the AudioCodes corporate blog, I discussed the need for businesses to remain on-line at all times. The ability to continue service should the connection to the service provider or on premise equipment go down – High Availability - is a critical one for all businesses, large and small alike. The blog discussed the various elements of High Availability, including survivability, resiliency and redundancy and the importance AudioCodes attaches to providing these capabilities in its Session Border Controllers (SBC), especially redundancy, across the range of sessions, from tens to thousands. Click here to read more.

Conferencing - the Gateway Drug to UC?

May 7, 2014

By Alan D. Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

I've spent time with a number of our partners more recently discussing the opportunity to extend their Unified Communications practices – much of the conversation centered around helping businesses voice-enable their UC implementations.  Many of the partners I've spoken with wonder how to get their end-customers to "test the waters" of Unified communications, without a huge commitment.

The challenge is – how do you get a business “hooked” on Lync voice?

Lync with Avaya - Taking a Closer Look

April 7, 2014

By Alan D. Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

Unified Communications has matured and is on the minds of many CIOs as a means to improve collaboration and reduce costs.  But for those businesses with Avaya communications systems, the road to implementing UC can be daunting.

One solution that is getting a closer look is using Microsoft Lync with Avaya.

3 Steps to Understanding the Cost Saving Benefits of Microsoft Lync

March 18, 2014

Guest blog by Curtis Johnstone, Unified Communication (UC) product architect with Dell Software and a Microsoft Lync MVP

As organizations realize the promised benefits of better collaboration and more efficient communications from their Unified Communication (UC) solution, the cost saving benefits are drawing more attention. UC solutions such as Microsoft Lync are being deployed to reduce travel costs, reduce existing telephony and web conferencing costs, and even reduce physical office space costs as remote workers are first class citizens and capable of effectively working from anywhere.

A recent survey commissioned by Dimensional Research on Lync Adoption and Challenges confirms that for organizations that have adopted Microsoft Lync:
• 80% hoped to save on their travel budgets
• 76% hoped to reduce costs of other web and teleconferencing tools
• 66% hoped to reduce meeting room space costs
• 55% hoped to reduce spending on traditional telephony costs (e.g. desk phones)
• 36% hoped to reduce email expenses

Despite these intentions the survey also revealed that over half of organizations did not know they were successful in achieving any of these desired outcomes!

Getting insight into how much cost savings a UC solution brings to the table is difficult. The dimensional research survey confirmed that close to 70% of companies that have adopted Lync cannot easily report on savings.

The primary challenge in determining UC cost savings are establishing comparable cost metrics for existing non-UC costs such as telephony, travel, and meeting rooms.

Lync in the Enterprise and Thinking "Big"

February 9, 2014

By Alan Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

As preparations come together for the upcoming Lync Conference in Las Vegas, one pattern seems to be emerging – Lync is making strong inroads in Enterprise.  Just looking at the end-customers expected at the event and the scheduled presenters, you can see a long list of household names, most of which are home to over 10,000 employees.  Large enterprises have some unique challenges, requiring their network architects to “think big”. 

Enterprise Scaling and SIP Trunk Consolidation

January 14, 2014

AudioCodes announces high-capacity SBC for Enterprise SIP Trunking

By Alan Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

Large global enterprises have made it clear that SIP is part of their future.  The challenge for them is making the migration.  With complex multi-site networks, an array of telecommunications suppliers, lengthy contracts and network infrastructure, things don’t happen overnight.

School District Passes the Lync Test

November 14, 2013

Proving that preparation will get you to the head of the class

By Alan Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

Earlier this summer I wrote about the importance of network readiness and preparation in advance of enterprise-wide implementations of Microsoft Lync – quoting Benjamin Franklin “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”  Apparently the administrators at Allen Independent School District in Allen, Texas were paying attention in their American History class and heeded Ben’s advice as they began their Lync implementation.

I recently wrapped up a case study with David Spann, Executive Director of Technology for the Allen Independent School District, discussing the preparations he and the school district made prior to their implementation of Microsoft Lync.  By the way, Allen ISD is no run-of-the-mill school district, with 11,800 student and teacher workstations, close to 1,000 computers in administrative offices, and over 2,000 tablets, the Allen ISD rivals many enterprises with a complex multi-site network.

Lync, Skype, Education and the Eraser

October 13, 2013

Lync and Skype enable distance learning, but how to keep your attention?

By Alan Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

This week I had the opportunity to spend some time in Redmond, working with the Lync Marketing team on our 2014 plans in their new home in Building 5 on the Redmond campus.  The facility is pretty impressive with gleaning new fixtures, plenty of glass and unusual “hangouts” for impromptu meetings. One thing that is hard to miss in the entrance of Building 5 is the “in your face” Skype video wall and signage. 

UC Video and Vanity

September 27, 2013

It’s not technology holding back video

By Alan Percy, Senior Director of Marketing, AudioCodes

A couple weeks ago I participated in a discussion at ITExpo West, discussing some of the aspects of “Living with Lync” – essentially a group of experienced Lync users, sharing their experiences with those that are early in their deployments.  These conversations almost always start with discussing presence and exploration of etiquette on when it is appropriate to call or contact someone.  Does green mean I can just call, or should I send an instant message first? 

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